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Prologue by L. Devar

We are all conceived fully grownWith details awaiting fruitionwe join in redundant repetitionof the blind cautious inevitable stepson the circular pathof a well worn futureEven the dinosaurs were oldbefore their…

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Storytelling Intro

L. Devar We all know that if people can learn anything at all, they will learn by experience. The knowledge gained directly through rewards, bruises, and bare escapes probably form…

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Boarding Pass Ritual

#boardingpass #ritual #bangkok #thailand #telaviv #israel #aroundtheworld #bacardi #orangejuice #departure #digitalnomad #surfer — in Subornovumi Airport Bangkok Thailand.

Boarding Pass Ritual
boarding pass ritual bangkok thailand telaviv israel aroundtheworld bacardi orangejuice departure digital nomad surfer

top ‘o the night

top 'o the night @ top 'o the city at The Sky Bar, Roof Top at Lebua State Tower Hotel and Resort.

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top ‘o the night
Atop the city of Bangkok