Rock Pools of Sumbawa

surf photo: Bustan Lakey

The best

Studio With A View

Shout out to Mr. Ali, who along with his family took great care of me during my stay at Lakey Peak, last year in May of 2019.

When this Pandemic thing blows over, here’s a spot well worth checking out. In my earlier days of surfing and flipping through the surf mags, a cool sounding name rolled off the pages and across my imagination. SUMBAWA.

As the quintessential digital nomad surfer-dude, I’ve made it a point to search out the best Studio With A View wherever I’m at. Last year at this time, I spent 5 weeks in what I’m pretty sure is the best room at Lakey Peak, at The Rock Pools Surf and Stay.

Lakey Peak itself can be pretty congested in the high-season, and thus I chose to stay further down at Nangas Beach, halfway between Lakey Peak and Periscopes. It’s a trip; -remembering when I didn’t know this place, and poured through the reviews and descriptions by others, studying the map, and wondering how close my mental vision would be to reality. In retrospect, I reckon my mind’s image was pretty close.