Part one

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Maldivian Airlines Plane

Vaadhoo Gaafu Dhaalu

On March 8, 2020 I arrived in the Maldives en route to the southern islands of the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.

In 2019, I went around the world to determine where I want to spend the next years, and decided on the Indochina & South Asia region. I had just solidified my apartment and extended non-tourist VISA in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Now to complete the plan, I needed to successfully jump to a tropical ocean surfing destination in the region. Originally, I had planned on Indonesia and had decided upon the further east reaches of Sumba. However, due to the then growing concerns of the international alarm sounding off on the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided on a return to the Maldives, which seemed like a safer gamble.


Southern Atoll Mysteries

Getting to Vaadhoo from Malé was more pricey than getting to Malé from Cambodia. Although it’s a shorter distance, it is very remote.

On this first leg of my adventure, I didn’t score the surf I was hoping for, but the feeling of being on the edge of the earth made the experience quite intriguing.


Edge of Earth

The day-time sun is hot enough to keep one seeking out the shade. The full-moon vibrations both serene and intense.

Wildlife and raw color of nature is etched in my mind along with a deep curiosity of the few who’ve wandered these latitudes throughout the centuries. There are some old-world sites that even the locals have little information about.

nazim ahmed by jinu ahmed
Rusty surfing at Blue Bowls, Vaadhoo - Photo by Jinu Ahmed

A special thanks to local surfer Rusty for his great generosity in showing me around the enchanting island of Vaadhoo and Blue Bowls surf spot. Please fill the contact form for inquires on guide services with Rusty.